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:: Love ::


For want of love,  

       My hope is lost,  

For want of hope,  

       My will is lost.  

For want of will my direction,  

       For want of direction,  

              I am LOST.


 © Nilesh N. C. Roy.






















:: A Petition ::


“O Lord of Creation”

Lend me thy attention

Here’s my petition

Against Examination

This Institution

Of Examination

Is an ugly invention

Of some human abortion

It kills inspiration

It brings perspiration

No classroom attention

No nice preparation

No honest intention

Of fine presentation

So the confused quotation

May result promotion.




© Nilesh N. C. Roy.



















:: Remember The Oak Tree ::



Remember the oak tree?

Hovering over the yellow house,

In the midst of which we fell so free

That was useful to everyone including a mouse.


Remember the oak tree?

When we set up our tyre swing

While my mother and  

your mother had some tea,

And listened across town for  

the bells of the Church to ring.


Remember the oak tree?

Sheltering us from all the harsh weather

And providing us shade while we shelled the peas

During the long hot summer we spent together


Remember the oak tree?

Under which we would always play and sit.

Can’t you see

I can never forget it.


Remember the Oak Tree??


© Nilesh N. C. Roy.












:: Money O! Money ::


Money, money and money,

The world runs after money;

Some die ‘cause of money,

And some die for money.


The money rules the world,

The world is its creator.

But now the world is afraid -

For the money has turned to be its destroyer.


The money is the ruler,

The world is its slave;

The money has turned the world -

Into a grave.


The money drew the line -  

Between the rich & the poor;

The money created infelicity,

That’s to be sure.




© Nilesh N. C. Roy.














:: A Painful Joy ::


In the darkness of the night,

       When my heart is empty and light,

Your memory comes like a gentle breeze

       That tickles the leaves of the trees.


Whenever I feel very lonely,

       And my heart weeps bitterly.

To my mind, you come like a dewdrop

       On a tired and thirsty leaftop.


Never could I see any charm

       On your face, so simple and calm,

Still, in my heart, you are a river.

       That flows..... forever and ever.


Your memory.... sometimes leaves a stain,

       Which very often emits a tinge of pain,

Aren’t you really a mystery

       In my life full of misery?


© Nilesh N. C. Roy.








:: Keep A Watch On Thy Words ::  


Keep a watch on thy words, my darlings,

       For words are wonderful things;

They are sweet like bees’ fresh honey -  

       Like bees they have terrible stings;

They can bless like the warm glad sunshine,

       And brighten a lonely life;

They can cut in the strife of anger,

       Like an open two-edged knife.




© Nilesh N. C. Roy.


























:: A New Year Ode ::


Keep your nature -  

       As a heavenly child forever.

Continue your life with joy

       By which every devil you can destroy

Worship your feelings for each other

       And store your heavenly love for this lover

Wish you reach the zenith of success

       Choosing dewdrops from wisdom sources

Be careful of your study and accessory

       Which can earn for you the glory.

Make your heart forever for other

       Its the only way to the Controller

With everything my warmest love to my lover

       And a very happy new year.


It’s composed by me for you

       I know the words are very few

’Cause its not in comprehension

       With my love for you.



 © Nilesh N. C. Roy.















:: Oh, Lor’ ::


Demurely in my midnight train

Ride nine women far from plain,

It makes a man feel lonely,

And lonelier still to raise the blind

And read upon the glass behind

The legend: ‘Ladies Only’.



© Nilesh N. C. Roy.




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